Thursday, February 4, 2010

The journey

Well I made it safely, I have that to be thankful for- and believe me, I am! My flight worked out well because it left around 11 p.m. UK time and arrived close to 7:30 a.m., giving me the opportunity to sleep all night here and not have to deal with jet lag. I slept about 6-7 hours of the 9 hour flight, but that didn't catch me up. I was still exhausted all day, but refrained from napping so I could sleep all night. That, indeed, did work :)

As for getting off my flight... customs decided to detain me for about an hour. After questioning me for about 20 minutes, they gave me a detention slip and put me aside to go call Ellis, the husband of the couple I am living with. They questioned him for about 30 minutes wanting to make sure I wasn't working/volunteering illegally and I'm pretty sure they thought I was dating Ellis- until I told them he was married. Finally, when the guy came back, he talked to me for another 5-10 minutes and let me into the UK. YAY!

Ellis and Bea were waiting for me when I got my luggage, and we headed to Wolverhampton!
Note: Bea is a student here at the university ("uni"). Bea is not Ellis' wife. Holly is Ellis' wife.

I am already learning lots about the vocabulary and culture. I have had to stop people in conversation many times to make sure I knew what exactly they meant. It's still so funny to me how we can speak the same language, yet so differently. Let me see if I can remember some of the things I learned:

mousy= light brown hair
ginger=red hair
dummy= pacifier
pram= stroller

That's all I can think of right now. Another thing I'll have to get used to are the sinks. Instead of one faucet that you can change the temp. of, there are 2 faucets in the sink- one for cold water and one for hot. I'm sure there will be much more learning every day!

Tonight people from the Vintage (the church) are meeting at our house. It's a usual thursday night thing. I'm looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones!


  1. How come you didn't write about spilling water on your lap when you got on the plane? I'm sorry, when I got that email, I laughed so hard.

  2. Glad all is well. Lookin' forward to hearing more my lovely Lumley!